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As Cities Burn - Made Too Pretty

We bear your name,
and you let us say
you are something that you're not.
As if you were made after we saw our own faces,
and knew we were gods enough.

I think we were made too pretty.
We're caught up in a stare we cannot break.
We know nothing changes too slowly.
Someday we might come down,
but who's to really say?

And if we are the body,
how'd a pretty man get so ugly?
How'd He get all these spaces between each limb?
And if there is one thing bigger than my head,
that's the distance I've been mislead.

'Cause I think we were made too pretty.
We're caught up in a stare and we can't break.
We know nothing changes too slowly.
And someday I might come down,
oh, I don't wanna come down.
I think we became too petty.


We don't want a God we don't see in ourselves don't see we're in need.
We don't want a God we don't see in ourselves don't see we're in need.

I think we were made too pretty.
We're caught up in a stare and we can't break.
I think we were made too pretty.
Yeah, so much we don't see it yet.
We don't see it.

We know nothing changes too slowly.

Cintia & Evandro @ Parnaso

"The illusion wants your attention; in fact it demands your attention because it relies on your attention to support and maintain it. If you can be in the world but not of it, you relieve yourselves of an enormous burden because you cease to feel responsible for correcting it, or for helping to destroy the evil in it. Evil is a lack of love, it is an act of desperation by one or numbers of people who feel lost, alone, unloved and unlovable, who, in great suffering (often denied or deeply buried within them), try to escape from themselves by ill-treating others. Of course it does not work, so they may try harder until it becomes obsessive."

Auguste Jean Baptiste Vinchon, "Propertius and Cynthia at Tivoli"

Pedro e Inês de Castro
Orfeu e Eurídice

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JYOTISH, or Vedic Astrology is the sacred science of karma, unraveling all aspects of one’s life, destiny and deeper aspirations. Jyotish is said to be “the eye of the Vedas”, providing us a mystic insight into the play of the cosmic universe.

The nine planets govern different aspects of our lives, reflecting both the positive and negative influences that surround us. Understanding and honoring the planets, we learn to harness the secret forces to master our karmas and move beyond them to experience harmony and bliss.


SURYA: the sun, reflects the cosmic light in our lives, awakening the souls stirrings and elevating the character. Mantras for the sun improve health and vitality, strenghthen the heart and digestive fires and allow us to achieve our highest goals.
CHANDRA: the moon, is the nurturer of all the planets and holds the Soma, or divine nectar. The moon indicates emotional, mental and psychological well being. Mantras for the moon harmonize the mind and emotions, paving the way for meditative bliss.
MANGALA: Mars, holds the fire energy providing focus, determination and will power. Mantas for Mars grant us vitality to our outer life manifestations on all levels.
BUDHA: Mercury, reflects the pranic flow in our lives. Mantras for Mercury bestow (X) Shakti, the power of speech, intellect, clarity of expression and a strong nervous system.
GURU: Jupiter, as the celestial teacher, embodies the intelligence of the three worlds. Mantras for Jupiter bestow us with abundance, divine grace, progeny and spiritual growth.
SHUKRA: Venus, manifests the attributes of the goddess, gracing us with devotion, beauty, fertility, sensuality and artistic flair. Mantras for Venus, bestow wealth, creativity and strengthen the reproductive system.
SHANI: Saturn, is the karmic leveler pressing us to learn our karmic lessons, through experiencing life’s afflictions born of the planets. Shanidev is the great Lord of time, the inner guru guiding us consciensciously through our responsabilities.
RAHU: the north node of the moon, causes eclipses shadows the world of maya, illusion and delusion. Rahu when benefic, grants brilliance, innovation and success. Mantras for Rahu combat the malefic influences in our lives, harmonizing the mind, emotions and immune system.
KETU: south node of the moon, which causes eclipses like Rahu, is the significate of moksha, or liberation, granting deep perception and spiritual insight. Mantras for Ketu protect us from injuries, infections and calamities.

Mantra sadana with bakti or devotion, and shraddha, or deep faith, invokes the flow of divine grace into our lives. May the divine grace of the devata continue to flow into our lives.


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